Tuesday, February 24, 2009

***REAL LIFE - DAY 1***

I am joining in on Vicky's real life challenge for this week. Have had a hectic start to the week so just managing to post - although the camera has been at the ready everyday!!

Day 1 - Saturday
Involved a day trip down to Athenree to see my sister for her birthday and have a family get together as my brother was over from Aussi. The car trip was long for the kiddies but made easier as during the week they had won an ipod so it was all excitement on the way down as they listened to endless HSM and Mamma Mia!

A stop at the playground in Waihi on the way back:

and then the peaceful trip home:

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Vicky said...

Awesome Vicki, cute chocolately face and well done on the ipod, I won ours too :)
My dad lives in Kauri Point, just through Waihi and I grew up in Tepuna, just a bit closer to Tga