Friday, May 6, 2011

Kaisercraft – 2011-2012 Design Team 25 Finalists

This is the ULTIMATE moment you have all be waiting for!

We have had an amazing time going through all your amazing submissions for our 2011-2012 Design Team, and now it’s time to announce our 25 Finalists!

Lesley Cooper – New Zealand
Michelle Frisby – New Zealand
Kerry Snell – VIC, Australia
Pearl Lui – NY, USA
Ann-Katrin Toresen – Norway
Janna Werner – Germany
Svetlana Austin – South Africa
Michelle Bertuzzi – Alberta, Canada
Lori Leng – NC, USA
Robyn Schaub – TX, USA
Kirsty Piper – QLD, Australia
Maja Stokk Lindahl – Sweden
Genevieve Allen – Quebec, Canada
Nicole Morgan – Tasmania, Australia
Debbie Marcinkiewicz – NC, USA
Vicki Morris – New Zealand
Lowri McNabb – New Zealand
Karen Shady – VIC, Australia
Jennifer Chapin – IA, USA
Cassandra Bright – VIC, Australia
Jodi Dolbel – NSW, Australia
Hilde Janbroers – Netherlands
Belinda Boyce – WA, Australia
Toni Crane – WA, Australia
Leanne Love – QLD, Australia

Woohoo - thats my name in there!! Awesome to see some other fellow kiwis on the shortlist - but now decidedly nervous about round 2!!!
Wish me LUCK - Just between you and me I think I am going to need a heap of it!!


Alanna said...

Congratulations Vicki!! All tbe best with the next round :)

Today for Tomorrow said...

Good Luck. You can do it. Your work is stunning.

LesleyC said...

LUCK. We can be nervous together! How about petrified! Congrats.

Mrs Frizz said...

Course you can do it ... I have absolutely no doubt in my mind whatsoever - your creativity is amazing.

Sonya said...

Go Vicki! Your works are always winners :-)

Sonya said...

You can do it Vicki! Your work is always wonderful!